When you select state minimum limits on your auto insurance, this means you are only protected up to the following limits in an at fault accident:

  1. $25,000 per person 
  2. $50,000 total limit per accident
  3. $20,000 for property damage

Often, if you have selected state minimum limits on your auto policy, it means the same limits would apply to you and your family if hit by an uninsured driver. 

A few years ago, a client was driving at night and hit someone on a moped. According to our client, the moped did not have working headlights, but that was impossible to prove following the collision and ultimately our client was held liable.  The other party was injured and had medical bills that exceeded $75,000. In the instance of a state minimum policy, your policy would only cover $25,000, meaning you are at risk of being sued, garnished wages, lien against real estate, and so forth to cover the difference. Fortunately, in our client’s situation, they had adequate limits of coverage, but when they came to us as a new client they did not.

It’s possible your existing agent or carrier may have placed you in a policy that not only does not fit your needs but leaves you vulnerable if you ever actually had to file a claim. 

At Knight Magee Insurance we understand your desire to find competitively priced insurance. We can shop with multiple carriers and find competitively priced insurance, without short cuts, without compromising coverage, and without leaving you vulnerable.

Currently carrying state minimum auto liability limits? Give us a call 804-320-0129 or email us at myagent@kmicoverage.com. Talking through scenarios like these with your agent just might be the clarity you need to help make the best decision for you and your wallet!

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