Remember Baby Evie, the beautiful baby girl that the Knight Magee Insurance team rallied the community together for? Her story touched all our lives, and we were so thrilled to see her fundraiser draw in support from The Westin Richmond, Dr Sarah Wilmer DDS, Tricia Norris, and local performer Rachel Leyco. We sold over 100 tickets leading up to the event on Friday March 9, 2018 and raised over $7,000 in one evening + additional proceeds from a Go Fund Me page. This week we received this beautiful thank you and update on Baby Evie who is soon off to preschool! 

“Dear KMI Team, 

Hey there, I was thinking the other day just about how incredibly grateful we continue to be for all the support you all and the community provided to us while Evie was sick and on recovery. The support you all provided to us both financially and emotionally will never be forgotten. I hope that you will share this update on Evie in your newsletter since so many helped us through such a difficult time.

Evie will be 2 next week and is doing fantastic! She is almost a year seizure free and is almost completely up to speed developmentally (still working with OT on a few physical developmental skills). This year has been filled with many changes and challenges including a move to the Hampton Roads area to enlist help from our families with Evie’s care.

She has remained a trooper and amazes us every day with how far she has come and how much she has learned! Considering that everything stays as it is medically, we plan to start her in part time pre-school in January and she is super excited to “go to school to see the kids!”

We just wanted to take a minute to share an update with you all and again provide our unending gratitude for your support!”

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