Trampolines can be fun, but they can be dangerous too. Trust me, I know all too well considering I broke my ankle on one just a week before my wedding. 😊 I am never going to live that one down. 

If you are considering buying a trampoline, first check with your agent. Not all insurance carriers will cover a home that has a trampoline. 

Some carriers will have no exclusions, some will specifically exclude a trampoline, and others will provide coverage assuming you meet certain safety precautions. 

Even if your policy provides coverage, its important to review your limits of liability and medical payment coverage with your agent. The limit is the max your carrier will pay toward a covered claim. 

At Knight Magee Insurance, we work with our clients to adjust coverage limits, and help you decide what additional protections may or may not make sense for you. 

Our focus is ensuring you have the appropriate protections in place. Then you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are properly covered – just in case! 

-Sierra Knight Magee, Agency Owner, Knight Magee Insurance

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