A few weeks back, we visited our friends who had their RV at Kiptopeke State Park. It was amazing! 

Two campers down, a person was playing the accordion – yes, an accordion. Our son, a fan of all things music, had never witnessed this before. 

Next to the accordion player was a woman playing the guitar and the two were playing in perfect harmony. The sun was setting, the air was cool, and it was the most spectacular evening. 

We grilled and ate outside, and later had a fire pit with smores. I honestly had forgotten just how much I love camping. They say, “life is best when you’re camping” and it’s true. I always feel my best when I’m out in nature. 

Since it’s Fall here in Virginia, we know many of our clients will be taking more trips with their RVs and campers. Whether you are camping in or around RVA, along the coast of Virginia, or near the Shenandoah mountains, even if you know where you want to go, do you know how to get there?

Driving an RV or towing a camper trailer is much different than hopping in your car. At Knight Magee Insurance, we have put together a few tips to hopefully help you plan your route and enjoy your next trip. 

  1. Consider using an online trip planner: Two that we know of are FreeTrip.com and the Good Sam Club (this one requires a membership). You can set guidelines, such as avoiding highways or low clearances, and get a route customized to you.
  2. Don’t forget guidebooks and atlases: Trust me, there is nothing wrong with going low-tech, too. We never take our boat out without nautical charts on board with us. It’s always a good plan to have a back-up in the event you end up without Internet or GPS assistance. 
  3. Know your vehicle: It can be tempting to just go with the manual and assume that’s the safe height specification, but it’s best to measure your RV or camper from the ground to the highest item on the roof.
  4. Utilize other tools: Some GPS models have RV/truck modes that will adjust routes based on the larger size of your vehicle. Use them if they’re available.
  5. Have multiple sources of information: GPS systems and online trip planners can make things easier, but they aren’t always up to date. Pay attention to signs and your surroundings anytime you’re on the go. 

I remember as a child watching my dad study a map any time we traveled. It wasn’t as easy as an app simply rerouting. You had to plan your route. The map stretched the entire front dashboard of the car. 😊

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to plan for a great road trip, so get out there and explore! We hope to hear all about your trip, see photos, and help you with all your RV and camper insurance needs!

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