National Foster Care Awareness More than 400,000 American children and youth are in foster care looking for their forever homes. Most children in foster care live in a family setting, but a decent amount live in group homes without the love and support they deserve. Because May is Foster Care Awareness Month, we feel this is the perfect time to update our friends and family on our journey. This year Kate and I decided to start the process to become Foster parents. We are currently attending weekly classes, undergoing a home study process, and essentially sharing every aspect of our lives with the City of Richmond in the hopes they ultimately choose us to be Foster moms. Our decision to foster didn’t come lightly. Sometimes I wish it were something we pursued sooner, but I realize it took other steps to get us here. We aren’t completely sure what the future holds or what this will mean for our family, but what is certain is we have more than enough room in our home and hearts for another child (or more). We are passionate about this and as you know we like to share our passions. Stay tuned and hopefully we will be welcoming another child into our home in the near future. What can you do to help? Join your community, be a mentor, or learn about being a foster parent. Check out the Foster Care Month 2017 web page:  
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