My family loves kayaking on the Eastern Shore. Our 8-year-old son even tags along with his own kayak. After hours on the water, I sometimes have to tow him back to shore. 😊


We see a lot of different kayaks along the Eastern Shore and into Virginia Beach. I am always impressed with the fishing kayaks out in the middle of the Bay, alongside the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, navigating open water with motorized boats. I often wonder how many of those kayakers are properly insured!

Did you know you can insure your kayak?

If you own a kayak or canoe you should consider talking with your agent about insurance.

Not only would insurance provide coverage for theft or damage to your non-motorized boat, but more importantly it provides liability.

Do not rely on homeowner’s insurance to protect you or your boat, most policies have limitations on the physical damage limit (for example $1,500 or less) and liability is typically not included or limited.

Liability coverage protects you if your boat damages someone else’s property or injures them in an accident. This coverage also covers legal fees.

Uninsured watercraft coverage, which accompanies liability on a boat policy, protects you if struck by an uninsured watercraft. This is valuable coverage for a kayak or canoe owner as it covers your injuries, medical bills, and time from work.

Accidents happen and for a kayaker hit by a motorboat the injuries can be significant, if not fatal.

You also have the option to add on coverage for fishing gear, accessories, and other equipment.

At Knight Magee Insurance we are focused on providing solutions for all your insurance needs. Give us a call and let us ensure you are properly covered 804-320-0129! -Sierra Knight Magee, Agency Owner, Knight Magee Insurance

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