Open Enrollment Begins November 1st

Individual health open enrollment begins on November 1st. Are you ready?

As you are probably aware, there are some pretty big changes coming in 2018. We want to help you prepare and understand those changes and what they will mean for you. Whether you are seeking health insurance as an individual or a small business owner, there are answers here for you.

For Individuals

The Open Enrollment Period

The window is shorter this year. The 2018 Open Enrollment Period runs from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. Plans sold during Open Enrollment start January 1, 2018.1
Anthem is Back – in Select Areas2

Yes and no. There has been some miscommunication about Anthem being back in the VA individual market. Although they are, access is limited to certain cities and counties throughout the state. For our clients who live in the city of Richmond, Chesterfield or Henrico, you will no longer be able to access Anthem either on or off the exchange for individual coverage.

Find out what cities and counties Anthem will continue to offer coverage.

For Small Business Owners

Get Group Insurance

If you are a small business owner with two or more employees, switching from individual health to group health could be more beneficial to you. At Knight Magee Insurance, we offer Anthem group health.

What’s Next

Unfortunately, with Aetna no longer offering individual health insurance on or off the exchange in VA and Anthem being limited to specific areas of the state, we’ve been forced to partner with a third-party administrator to help assist our clients with securing individual health insurance coverage.

It is our understanding that the majority of the state will be limited to Cigna as the only option, however, Optima and Anthem will be available in some areas as well.3

Give us a call to review your options or get the conversation started.




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