5 Dos and Don’ts for Black Friday

Okay, admit it. Have you ever let things get just a little out of control on Black Friday? Maybe you lost your patience in the parking lot. Or, perhaps you were less cordial than usual with store employees.

Hey, it’s a stressful day, and we here at Knight Magee Insurance understand, but we do want you to be safe out there when the crowds begin to swell and the shopping frenzy sets in. So, here are five tips we gathered that should help you make safety a priority on the biggest shopping day of the year.

  1. Don’t park in a dark, secluded sport or directly next to large vans or trucks. Before heading into the store, do make a mental or written note of where you parked. Snapping some photos on your smartphone might help, too.

  2. Do stay aware of your surroundings. Some shoppers get aggressive trying to get in the door of a store or fighting over an item. Others take advantage of distracted shoppers by stealing their packages, purse or other items.

  3. Do carry only one credit card, if it’s practical, and wait until being asked to take out your credit card or checkbook. And, don’t overspend – it’s just not safe for your financial stability. Set a spending limit before you leave home.

  4. Don’t forget that you need a plan for regrouping in case someone gets separated or lost. Keeping your mobile phones charged will help.

  5. Do approach your car with keys in hand – get them out while still in the store, if possible. Scan the area around and under your car before stashing your loot in the trunk (not the back seat). Then check your back seat before getting in the car.

When you’re taking steps to stay safe on Black Friday, you may just find yourself more relaxed and able to enjoy the day. If not, just remember, deep breaths!

Happy shopping everyone!

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