Street scene in winter

There’s no denying that winter is in full swing, and it is icy cold outside. When it’s this cold outside, the water in our home’s pipes can freeze and burst—leaving you with a costly mess.

Here are some quick tips to ensure that your water stays flowing through the frigid temperatures:

  • Wrap up any outside faucets
  • Make sure that there is caulk around the pipes where they enter the house
  • Disconnect any garden hoses
  • Drain any in-ground sprinkler systems—but make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for how to do this best
  • Inside, let your faucets run at a little stream if the temperature gets below freezing, especially overnight
  • Open up cupboard doors in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Shut off and drain your water if you are going to be leaving your home for several days

Homeowners insurance may be able to cover after a burst pipe, but it is essential that you have done everything you can to prevent loss.

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